Throw out the old, make space for the new


respect, power and love. This i pray you have.

Violently throw out old mindsets to make space for the new

I have been cleansing myself of things I had for ages or things that just didn’t reflect me anymore. Whether they’re clothes or things.

I realize there were many mindsets and things I needed to let go of-such as:

1. You can’t get everything you want- even though I knew this was a lie I subconsciously believed it. Actually, you CAN get everything you want, just not “how” and “when”. You can only relax into your greatest destiny, not through anxiety and stress. So when you catch yourself striving, breathe.

2. Clothes that represented the hardened hearted masculine self- as I welcome my feminity, I let go of faux leather and welcome the silk and pink.

3. Many Friends- as opposed to friends worth spending time with. It’s better to be alone than lonely in thought or worse, around people who bring you down.

4. This is good enough- the good enough has gotten me a lot of good enough, but not the best. So whether it’s things or food, or people, what’s the best option? Because you deserve it.

5. Disrespect- is not okay. Make a rule to not take bs.

Love xoxo bex


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