27 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 27

Hello world. I’m turning 27 in a bit over a week. I’m very proud of myself because I’ve tried many things. I’ve managed to do everything I’ve set my mind to, but it’s just the beginning. All the seeds I’ve sown are still growing so you might not see it yet.

In my attempt to copy huffingtonpost and buzzfeed, here’s my recommendations for every young 27 and younger.

27 things you should do before you turn 27

1. Learn what love is- oh you can attend my love workshop image

Register by emailing me at rebekkalien@gmail.com

2. Cut the umbilical cord already- seriously how freaken long are you going to be a kid? Learn to fend for yourself, move out already. Nothing pushes you into your destiny more than living alone.

3. Learn to cook- for yourself. If you can cook good food, you’ll have a good life.

4. Travel- you’ll never regret traveling. Get a passport, backpack solo. It’ll change your life.

5. Write a bucket list – start checking it off

6. Accept yourself – the faster you learn that you are unique and awesome, the better your life will be. Stop comparing yourself, life is too short.

7. Accept that your journey looks different from others- who cares if you haven’t bought a house, married and had 8 kids yet? If you don’t want that, don’t beat yourself up. Stick to who you are.

8. Live alone- youll be able to face yourself and the you that’s deep and vulnerable. Once you can love yourself in the lonely times, you’ll be able to be with others.

9. Live with roommates- something about learning how to confront roommates about taking out the trash or cleaning the toilet makes you a more mature adult.

10. Say what you mean- stop playing games, say what’s on your mind, life is too fucking short.

11. Date- go on dates, find out what kind of man or woman you like.

12. Get help- get life coaching (www.rebekkalien.com/speaking-coaching), I am one.

13. Take care of your health- at this age no one is going to spoon feed you spinach. Learn to eat your fruits and veggies, plus lots of water.

14. Drink to relaxe, but stop killing your liver- you’re not a 21 year old anymore. Learn to process your stress and feelings verbally so you don’t have to binge-drink. Like I said, get help!

15. Take a personal retreat- best times of my life. I take at least 2 per year. Think you don’t have time or money for it? Maybe you don’t think you’re worthy enough to take one. Do it and your life will change.

16. Have 2-3 close friends- no you don’t need to be popular like in high school. 2-5 is really all you need, it’s important to build a network that will hold you up when you’re about to keel over.

17. Read- a real book. Learning should be life long, if you’re not learning you’re mentally dying.

18. Take yourself on dates- I love eating lobster by myself under the candlelight. Honestly I find that I treat myself way better than a lot of males treat women, until I find someone who really knows my worth, I’d rather commit to myself.

19. Learn to clean- an adult who can’t clean is like a sinking ship. Hygiene is so important. People get turned off by stinkiness.

20. Drop negative friends- there’s no time to waste, stop wasting your time with negative and immature people.

21. Have hobbies- an adult that only works is like another sinking ship. The more interested you are in life, the happier you’ll be. I’ve tried everything from flamenco dance to creative writing to improv comedy. Next week I’m doing burlesque dance!

22. Say no- learn how to set boundaries and to be in control of your decisions. You’re an adult, stop blaming people, you made the choice. Learn to say no. It won’t offend people!

23. Enjoy every moment- dude you have your whole life ahead of you, stop worrying about not having it all together. Who has it together? No one. Even if they do, they’re probably uninteresting.

24. Be real and be you- it’s okay to be. Learn to stop trying and to be expressive of who you are and how you feel.

25. Know what you want long term wise- I have seen so many 60 year olds that are living in the past. Please, know what you want and go for it. Especially men, a lot of you think you’re going to be hot and 30 forever, but pretty soon you’ll be bald and alone. So stop saying the woman has to look like Scarlett johansson when you don’t even look half like Hugh jackman.

26. Stop giving a fuck- about what people think.

27. Just do it- just love the life you want.


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