When Your Parents Don’t Have Love To Give

What do you do when you grow up with emotionally constipated parents or even absent parents? Sometimes we strive to please others because we never got the love we needed. We become overachievers. A few days ago I met this amazing Cantonese woman and mom who patiently listened to my stories, we met at jury duty. After it all ended, she texted me and told me how special I was. She told me that she’d be a proud mom if she was my mom.

When I read that I started weeping.

Sometimes God will send us mother and father figures because we need the affirmations that we lacked as children. There is something beautiful about strangers giving you a gift of love. It’s worth more than money, it’s invaluable, something you’ll forever store in your heart.

People can’t give the love they don’t already have in their hearts. Sometimes they’re leaking because they continue to poke holes in their hearts. They refuse to forgive and keep tearing the wound open.

So in that light, choose to forgive them because they don’t have the love to give. See them as sad children who never got the love they needed and choose to heal on the path of love.
Seek and you will find.
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