What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is when you let go,

let be.

Synchronicity happens when you stop trying and let the pages fall into place.

Synchronicity is when you give yourself a break after pushing fiercely in the beginning and know you have done everything you can

to make it happen.

Synchronicity is when you don’t care anymore how and when it will work out.

Synchronicity happens when you chill and breathe.

Synchronicity happens when you choose to be happy in spite of all the gray colors.

Synchronicity happens when you learn to enjoy life and you stop planning how IT SHOULD happen in your mind.

Just do your best and let the rest fall into the beautiful place it wanted to be in anyways.

Where there is fear and hesitancy, the universe resists. Where there is 110% unwavering faith, the universe flows to meet and greet you. Faith is actually not a feeling, it is belief in yourself, in a bigger being, in imagination and creativity. If you can imagine it, it will happen. The key is to be joyful in the process, because you are only losing energy by being stressed. 

I know this because I go through this all the time, the expectation of something to fall through. It is only when you don’t care too much about the results, that things fall into place….when you learn to have fun and celebrate in the process, things happen easier.

There are lot of doors closed, but we focus on knocking at one door when just behind us is an open door. 

This is where creativity kicks in, we should always use our critical and creative thinking skills- there is more than one way for things to happen, I have experienced this in the past. The beautiful thing about life is that things can happen anyway we allow them to happen, ALLOW, yes, not want, but allow. And sometimes when we allow doors to fling open, we are not dead panned on one door opening, we will flood our lives with blessings that are beyond the human eyes.





Photos by www.shotbystarrkidd.tumblr.com


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