What Would You Do If You Knew The World Is Truly Ending?!!

This is my question of the day!

I ask you this and ask you to comment below and answer this QUESTION! DO IT!

Yes, so this is a HUGE question to ask, especially since I don’t really believe that the world is going to end.

That’s because MY BOOK IS coming out THE DAY BEFORE! Yes, I know. Can’t believe I’m pushing myself to give birth so soon to a project I’ve been talking about, writing about, dreaming about for over 2-3 years. I can’t even remember. I made it SUCH A BIG DEAL that many times…I postponed my ACTUAL WRITING and decided to talk rather than write.

Well, it’s 8:16pm and I have been heavily addicted to writing. Mostly editing. Plus I found a FREE TEMPLATE on 48HRBooks, pretty sweet.

Help keep me accountable….my book will be about MY JOURNEY of becoming self- employed. I’m sure you will find this helpful, especially those that are constantly talking, but never making the leap.

Our circumstances will never become perfect. There’s what life gives you and what you do WITH what LIFE GIVES YOU.

Do you see the box on the right of the page (on the homepage)- input your email to get the latest updates on my writing journey and perhaps….and snippet of it for free. 

I’m sure when you read my book, you will be mind-blown, sometimes when I read my journal entries….I’m BLOWN away by the things I had to endure and go through. No one would be able to imagine what I learned through the cleansing process (cleansing from societal norms – whatever that is). I needed to be cleansed of the societal perspective and systems that bind us from leaping into our dreams.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.


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