Thank You


Learning to Say Thank You

I can hear the ocean breeze

the wind against my skin, your fingers gripping mine, thankful

The human, passing moments,

that make our lives what it is.

Smiles, grins, sometimes frustrations of life, of what nots, of can be’s, of striving

yet, never content, never enough.

We must pause.

For here, now, is all we have.

We often focus on what we don’t have, what we want in the future, never living in the moment.

The street lights were never so kind, my footsteps on the dirty cement floor in Taiwan.

Your kind smile as you protected me from unkind neighbors, now you are, here and now, my mother.

What made me who I am today, backaches, stress, tears, wondering who will take care of me, how would I survive?

Now, here, today- I thank you. I thank those that have ever held me, comforted me,

spoken words of kindness

here, now, today – I slow down and breathe and say, hello and thank you. I am so blessed.

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