8-Bit Grayscale Feature of Me!

Reblogging Josie Lee’s Post About Me! Check out the original post on her site! 8-Bit Grayscale!

Rebekka Lien & Jeffrey Campbell “PHOTO

Hey everyone!

Recently I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell “Photo” in taupe off eBay. I was a bit weary but it checked out. 🙂 I bought them from a very nice lady, Rebekka Lien. When she sent me an invoice she also sent me a link to her webstore, where I learned a lot more about her. I was amazed, and quite impressed. Rebekka is someone many strive to be. She is a true humanitarian donating to various charities all the while sponsoring a child. 
You can click here to visit her eBay store (user name: gugibabu). All proceeds from each purchase goes towards Stella’s Voice or Compassion International. These are organizations that fund children’s education and rehabilitate girls saved from human trafficking.
She also has a little webstore selling adorable items and did I mention she also paints? No? Well, she also paints, and you can check out her Etsy for some of her artwork. Again proceeds from either place go toward her funding to visit Ecuador to finally meet the little boy, Marco, she has been sponsoring since October 2009! You can read more about her planned trip here. What an amazing and talented person! Please check out her store and help her visit Marco!

Without further ado… Jeffrey Campbell “PHOTO”!


I was quite excited when I opened it up to see this. This is one of her prints called “Forgiving Silence” and it is actually one of my favorite ones!! Direct link to it on Etsy here.
And again really surprised she included another surprise!
🙂 !
Yes, that’s a Marvel calendar on that wall!
Rebekka actually wrote a note to me on the back of that print!
I was so happy, I can’t wait to find a frame for it! 🙂
So happy! I can’t wait to wear these babies out 🙂 And huge thank you to Rebekka for being an all around awesome person!

Thank you for viewing! Have a fun lazy Sunday!


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