Help Me See Marco!

Yesterday I was just getting worried about life and well, what am I doing with my life. Again, the old familiarities of worry. Then I prayed that I would prosper and be blessed despite this season of dryness and struggling.

The next day, I woke up and my friend had an amazing idea for fundraising for my Ecuador trip where I’ll see my sponsored child of 4 years. I’ll also be volunteering at the organizations’ school and HOPEFULLY if Brasil responds, go on a Journalist Press Trip to see the Brasil Fashion Industry!

This time I’m bringing sea sick pills and lots of allergy pills – as Australia has taught me. My body is allergic to the beach.

Help me volunteer in Ecuador May 13!
I have 21 days to fundraise on –

OR you can donate through Paypal.

Help Me See Marco! Campaign Video

Marco & His Drawings!


I will be arriving in Quito, Ecuador on May 13th around 1pm. May 15th I’ll be going to Tena where Marco is….and the adventure will continue. Hopefully I’ll have internet. Not sure if I’ll bring my laptop yet. This trip may entitle one backpack for traveling purposes.


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