Setting Up Shop

Setting Up Shop

Hi Friends!!

I’m excited to share with you that I will be officially creating my own brand and hand picking all the coolest and most unique accessories to sell!! My items are unique and cute, great for gifts (especially Christmas gifts). My adventure has finally begun! Now I am just working on graphics and other things to add to my branding.

Meanwhile, shop My Ebay Store!

or my Etsy Store!

I had another freak attack about my life and my roommate had to pray for me, because I looked mentally ill walking into her room. I’ve been researching night and day, at times even dreaming about my next step, ideas for my business. I’m 23 years old, have worked in the fashion industry since 18 years old, and know what I want now!

It’s a scary journey, I’m not going to lie. Giving up the full time job to pursue my own business is freaky! Yet, the rewards of someone liking the items you sell – is SO REWARDING, so wow, it outweighs “stable income” or the “predictability” of driving to the same work, same route everyday. I knew this since the day I started “pretending to sell stuff” in my made up store (I’ve done this since I was 6 years old). I would invite friends over and pretend I was selling stuff to them.

I just love selling, I love the business of it. And more so- I love connecting with people and making them happy! With the beautiful things that they receive to beautify their life and outfits.

Wish me lots of luck! And if you would like to invest in a starving artist, while I’m buying stock in faith, and trust God to provide- click here to give, even $10 is appreciate! 🙂

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