Music Days Are Plenty

I had one of the many AWESOME music days in Australia.

In the afternoon, I met up with my Tumblr friend, that I met on Tumblr and went to University of Melbourne to listened to this band called Sex on Toast. The guy was so hilarious, he made these hilarious expressions throwing up his hand and down as though he had to say something really important. Of course what he sang, was about mainly “making love”. That was interesting, especially when he grabbed a hot dog from the BBQ stand and started to eat and sing at the same time.

Then I PRAYED SO HARD that the second time going to the Arts Centre that I would get the student rate since the first time, the lady said my ID didn’t prove I was a student that year. THANK GOD it was this chill guy that totally let me get the student rate to see Rhinoceros Love, a Beijing Production and this Indian show.

Anyways, I met a bunch of awesome Australian friends today – thanks to Phoebe, who planned a night at pizzas and jazz….jazz which was so bomb, I got lost, so lost in the music.

Tumblr actually is good for making friends- I traveled 13.5 hours and met a Tumblr follower!!

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