I Finally Found Free Wifi

Well, not exactly, because I still had to buy a drink to use their internet. I’m staying at this hostel in Sydney…quite dirty compared to the ones I’ve been to.

This is my journal entry from yesterday….enjoy!

September 11, 2011

Landed in Australia around 6:30 AM. Total culture shock because I was so f%cking impatient to get to the shuttle and the concierge was taking so long. Plus my monthly had come on the plane, so my trip started with lots of hormones.

Not going to lie, but this hostel kitchen smells like fart. I hate how when people see me, they see an Asian face, not a live person. I’m so tired though, been walking around since early morning until 6am. I’ve been non-stop alive for 12 hours after a 15 hours flight. I’m dead as a cockroach. Dead. Dead. Dead meat. 

I was walking by the bathroom and I was startled because I saw this FINE David back, like muscled and toned staring at my face. I passed by and said “well, hello”. Of course non of the stalls had bathrooms so I went back and bumped into David, or so I call him.

I walked around the city, went to 2 backpacker flight stores, and felt totally ripped off. Of course I didn’t book anything because whose going to pay 600 bucks (AUS) for 4 tours. Rip off!! I also went to Vodaphone and got a sim card for 30 AUS. The guy was from Malaysia and had been in Australia for 7 years. I wonder how selling phones can be interesting, but then I find many things unworthy of my time.

I’m sitting in this dim room of computers, the only place I can find any kind of well, peace. It’s here with this 18 year old English boy from Nottingham, he’s quite something. I thought he was Australian because he had his pants sagged. I find this hostel quite dirty, more dirty than any I’ve seen. Thinking back, the san diego one was seriously clean. 

Anyways, I met 2 aussie males at the university. Met up with the lady from Project Futures, and then met a german girl. For some reason, everyone seems to look at me weird, like I fell from planet Mars. Seriously, just because I have red hair and black slanty eyes…don’t mean you can’t make friends with me.

By the way, I noticed a lot of people are scared to meet other folks, it’s like they are scared other cultures will absorb them and that they’ll lose a part of themselves. My new German friend told me that Germans like to stick together even if they travel together. This god damn cough will not leave me, GOD HELP ME!!

Australians are quite polite, as blunt as they are. They are kind of aloof, shy? They are definitely a lot more polite than people from Los Angeles. Anyways, haven’t really met someone I completely clicked with besides that university mate. 

Today’s entry-

Craziest day of my life. Yesterday I started the night by writing and reading. I was drinking a beer and just having a grand time on my own. Then Joe and Matt comes in and we start talking about my pending book to come and how it’s about my life, etc. We start having these crazy conversations about life, love, and random cultural differences such as English slang and LA slang. We decide to hit a pub and I swear, I totally put my cup down onto nothing, yes….YES nothing! I wasn’t looking!! So my beer was totally wasted. It was such a sad sight!

So the pub had a 3rd floor dance floor. They were literally playing the radio but somehow the radio had good music on. There were folks in suits, some young people, but more so the older crowd. The were very innocent in the ways that they danced, compared to Los Angeles. They were kind of cutesy if you know what I mean.

We then go to another bar and this one had a live band singing songs from Lady Gaga and even David Guetta. They had long blonde hair that they threw their sweat at people with. Good thing I wasn’t in the front. Yes this all happened in one day, the day I landed… 

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