My Socialite Pitch

Have an upcoming event that you want to promote?

Need someone who is outgoing and fun, eccentric and unique to give umph to your event?

Well, look no further! Rebekka is here.

She will add color and life to your next event, she is the icing you need at your event.

The event could be a club night, high end function, weddings, fashion event, you name it- she’ll be there! She is MORE than ready to mingle and can start any bland dance floor. Rebekka has the personality to mingle with the singles, flatter any top agents, and be the success of your event.

Yesterday….was so fun!!

Fashion Night Out- Denim Event/GQ Mag- September 8, 2011 @ Saks Fifth Ave

My buddies and I!


Dressing Up for thumb books!


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