The Simplicity of Being, When Not With A Companion

They are all, representative of the longing in humans’ hearts.

The brown skinned curly hair.

The white skinned shaggy hair.

The long legs, strong arms, big hands.

The nape of his neck, like olive melted into human flesh.

Eyebrows soft to the touch.

Inner arms like butter on skin.

Hug like a comforting spa, touching to the human core, heart ablaze illuminating, usually resulting in some type of tear drop formed in the need for love.

Have we forgot the humanness of our longing? The description of what we feel when we see sunburned cheeks and bearded kisses.

The formation of soft earlobes, holding hands on a sunny day. Those things that I took for granted when I did have a companion to give me a tissue when I cried over spilt milk.

Hm, sigh, I guess we all sometimes long for that which we have not in the moment.

But I know, while I wonder the streets observing life and people, I’ll not forget the simplicity of just being. Being myself and observing those that are not, and loving them nevertheless.

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