Who Am I?

Who am I?

I am Rebekka Lien.

I am a human, with frailties and weaknesses, I cry and laugh as easy as circumstances come.

I can sit on a tree and read and be perfectly content in the solitary.

Or I can dance and sing with hundreds of people and feel like one of them.

I tell corny jokes, eat street foods, and have the modesty of a Taiwanese.

I learn to obey elders and fake it sometimes like them too.

Yet, I have the discipline of a German. The drive of a salesperson or a CEO.

I have boundaries and can easily say I have to go home. I don’t give into peer pressure cuz I know who I am.

I can talk loud and be charismatic like Americans, for I am American in spirit.

I can hang with the hippies and talk about art, politics, and religion. I can sit with conservatives too.

Of course I am human, so I am prejudice and hold false stereotypes.

But I cherish each culture and find joy in their customs and, well food. I love fiestas and mexican food, salsa and horchata.

I like to dress in saris and watch Indian films, I bob my head to hip hop and electro.

I  can slip on a suit and high heels and walk into a corporate office, negotiating some deals.

There’s nothing I cannot be if I put my differences aside and assimilate like I can.

Start a dance floor in France’s beer garden, sleep in train stations and airports but also the nicest hotels.

Respect them older folks, but have the youthful spirit of an activist, cry like a weeping widow or backpack like the homeless.

Empathize with the studying nerds, Asian cliques, the drop-outs,

the hoodlums, the immigrants, the drunkards, the pot heads, the dealers, the graying and orthodox,

the fashion snobs, the Indian gurus, the clubbers, the sheltered and innocent, the children who likes dolls and drawing,

I like em too.

I can negotiate deals in offices or yell in the night markets of Beijing, I am no diplomat but I can act like one.

I’m not a robot or a machine, I can write love letters like some Nicholas Sparks addict or shop like a housewife.

I don’t need a lot to enjoy myself cuz I can pick up my cello or a notebook and start playing or writing.

But I also know to treat myself, get massages, drink lattes, pedicure and manicure, and visit a museum.

I love my friends, but I can also be by myself or meet strangers.

If I could, I would want to ride an elephant in an African robe, cook Middle Eastern food, appear on Vogue, show in Paris, open many stores in Tokyo, Berlin, London, have beautiful kids, a husband, a garden and a fair trade business, some dogs and animals, a barn.

But for now, I can say- I’m perfectly content where I am

because I am still who I am.

I am Rebekka Lien.


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