Halloween and some Aftermath

Devon with my wig. LOL.

Candyland girl

House Party.

And then of course a poem after my first day of work. Need to express and write.

You are.

You are far away, like a distant mist

A mist I want to touch, but keep chasing in no direction in no particular time

I’m a frazzled child, desiring yet holding back

I don’t know who I am really, or who I want, or who you are.

Confused, lost, but yet finding direction in the little hints, the little specks of dreams

and forgotten tales. yet you are. you still remind me.

I started climbing stairs, only finding, you swam out the waters and gave me a chocolate ball

Delighted, I smiled and laughed. you like a magical beast, dove into the ocean and became a fish

nowhere to be found. only in my dreams. you are.

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