First Day In Beijing- The Airport Is Polished And BRIGHT

Sitting at this weird little metal booth, I think one of the ledges is going to fall off. I should have printed out a sheet of my teammates numbers, but I didn’t. My back hurts like a mother and I’ve only had less than 4 hours of sleep. I really want fried chicken and fries. Oh, that would be so delicious, but instead I have a bag of bread- which is good too, but you know, not as good. Since I want fried foods.

When my mom was waving me off, I knew she was really sad. I got really sad too, I felt like crying but tried to hold it in because well, there’s everyone around. It would  be kind of embarrassing. So I walk in the bathroom and start sobbing in the stalls. It was a good cry indeed.

I forgot to bring a hair tie so I got one of those luggage tags, tore off the paper and used the elastic to tie my hair. Ingenious eh?

Anyways, I’m not sure what I’m going to encounter this summer. But indeed it’s one of those moments in life where, IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE.

I just graduated from college, Lord, I thought the day would never come. But it came and hit me in the head. This is definitely one of those epic summers I’ll never forget

Anyways- So I arrive and meet all my teammates. I’m sitting at the dorm rooms, and I’m pretty blessed with a clean bed, a tv, and even, after paying 90 renminbi, ONE MONTH INTERNET. I got really psyched knowing that I’m hooked onto the comp and wired in every way (ipod, mac, camera, iflip, everything). More updates to come. Today we ate 8 dishes of food since it was our first day, no diarrhea, thank GOD!.

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