I finally graduated from college! I can’t believe it! All along a bunch of my friends thought I had already graduated, but alas, this was the real deal. I am in the process of packing for my trip to China/Taiwan. I came home and found that my mom had bought me an all-in-one adaptor plug, BUT I HAD just bought one. -.0 fail. Anyways, these 4 days are going to be a lot of eating. Today I ate for 2 hours at Souplantation, then got this salty yogurt drink at Wahib’s, a middle eastern foodie located in Alhambra. I felt like I was drinking salty watered down Ranch (salad dressing).

My friends and I had very incoherent conversations about food and the rest, I can’t seem to remember.

Another thing I’m doing before leaving is cleaning my room. I want to make sure I don’t have any random fruits in my purses, that will probably stink up the place if left in my room. I’ll come back to mold and bugs, that won’t be fun at all.


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