Poetry-Speak It


Hunger, I have not known.

Pangs, longing.

Hunger. What it is but a

bitter long death.

Hunger Have I not known

Hunger. I have craved for true love.

Yet. I know only You suffice. and quench this real and human



do not tell me

what to say

what to do

how to act

how to do.

Do not tell me

who to be

or who I’m not

Do not tell me

Just be silent.

Crimes of Hate and Fiery

I walked through buildings and fire
Fires of people
Fires of Chaos
Fires of grief and laughter

I walked through foreign lands, abiding in this

beating heart, robbing me
of being

Still and stable.
I walked through love
fights and utter crime

Crimes of hate and fiery
I’ve walked through forests
of indecency and societal


Causing me,
Oh Daughter of a lost mother
to cease existence

and forget the very
person for which


Have neglected.
That is,


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