Pretend I heard nothing on a plane above

Sublime shadows, just above my head, supporting casts of mine

i have no thing to lose but this, a sharp invasion, sword into my heart

no I dont really give a damn, but Lord help me..

can two things be reconciled, the need to leave, and the need to stay?

The need to be loved, and the need to love

no I dont really give a damn

this place and time, rainy nights and sunny days, like coverings over my head

i pull the sheets closer, i hear the cat meow, i wake up to singing birds

shanghai is calling,  LA is crying. England is winning, and LA is falling into deep abyss of dreams and coffee cups of comfort

oh Help me before i lie down and sleep again.

pretend i heard nothing, fighting

i lie awake in my dreams, i watch myself fall and rise, like a plane in the sky.

winds carry me, i carry you, what is this but utter deceit.

books flip, pages tear, screens crack, its this not knowing and knowing. hoping and praying, sleeping and waking

its you and i, its she, its he, its his scowling stare, its her utter disapproval, mocking face.

its all that and combined in one.

Lord save this fear, crumble it and toss it far into the ocean, where no pin drop of no no’s and shame will appear once again

its the whole world, come alive.


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