Does The Train Ever Stop Long Enough?

A serene picture of Grindelwald, Switzerland, June 2000 taken by someone named Carl.

I wrote this August 12, 2009 Sunday in Germany:

“oh oh oh you, you came to break me….oh oh oh you came to save me. Life is too short for worries and plans. Let the days take you by the hand”

Lord, I ask

my worries whisked away as ducks smoothly, relaxed

letting your current peacefully carry me.

I dont fall, I dont sink, I am still.

AFter this storm, a struggle of my own making, I have learned.

You have broken all ways, all limbs, all limbs, all strength. That I may,

Learn, fall into your arms

As bloody as I am, take me.

surrender wholly

cover me, like an oak

flying past terrain of infinite greens

There really is no one like you.

(and I, don’t struggle against the current, but follow the current, for it is the river that flows)


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