Island In The Sun

4:52 pm-

Listening to Weezer “Island In The Sun”. Real fun song.

Re-editing my resume and cover letter. Apparently all my classes want different types of resumes. Even though I already have one. They just won’t stop! I googled what it takes to work overseas, it says “you must already have a CV”. Which, if you didn’t know, is this long long resume that usually goes on for 10 pages. Serious. I’d rather not.

I was at Borders reading and saw this book in the Business section- SEE I”M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT LOVES KEWPIE!

But my Kewpie is still cuter, because this one seems to have weird ears and waxed eyebrows. My kewpie doesn’t wax his eyebrow.

Then I took this cool picture of spoons and knives and all them eating utensils when I went to chill with my friends at this place, forgot the name, somewhere in pasadena, looks like a place where all them grandpas and grandmas eat. We were walking to my friends’ car and I screamed- SKunK. It stinx!!! She opened her trunk and screamed, not. Scared the shiz out of me. Then, today I went in my car and was like, seriously it smells like skunk.

I stuffed myself and had a stomach-ache. Ate more than the men even.

And finally. Going back to schoolwork.


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