Selling Vegan In Our Fast Food Age

First off- THANK YOU ALL who commented on my blog entry. I really had no idea people, strangers, in fact, could find my blog. But now, I know there are people listening to my rampant thoughts!

A few days ago, I followed my vegan catering friends, Isabel and Stephanie (Vegan Venom Baking and Vegan Goodies Cater Co.) into the alleys of LA, specifically The Smells. I believe it is a non-profit venue? Someone confirm that with me. Kimya Dawson, the amazing singer of Juno soundtrack, was the key performer. HOLLA was I excited. That day I had a 3 pm class at FIDM. I rode the bus, accidentally leaving my whole school notebook, syllabus, and folder. Talk about being absent- minded. Then I walk into my class and wonder why people are so comfy. I tap this girl’s shoulder, “is this the first day of this class?”. She looks at me ridiculously, “no, it’s the 2nd week of school”. Oh.

In that case.

My face grew hot with embarrassment. Now mind you, I don’t get embarrassed easily, at ALL.

Moving on with The Smells. A self- created video and pictures below to amuse you:

1. A tour of the place plus great Dawson music: I’m working on uploading videos more and more.

2. My Vegan friends (I actually like meat, not vegan myself) and their food table:

3. Hello talk about political art and the expression of thoughts: LOVE IT!

4. Cds and records to blow your mind:

5. We’re All Nuts: It’s quite true.

6. Creatures of the night, right next to the bathrooms.

7. My favorite subject- the bathroom

8. Taco Dance: at the end, people were leaving and we wanted to make sure people stayed for our taco/horchata combo special. I drew this AWESOME picture and hooked it onto some random hook on the wall. Then we created a taco dance to make sure people stop in their tracks.

9. Last of all: The great Kimya Dawson standing next to ME!! OH MY DEER! I love your lyrics and songs if you ever read this Kimya.

Don’t forget to a fan “vegan venom baking” and “Vegan Cater Co.” on facebook!

I will be blogging about kids clothes next time. I’m addicted to the colors, cuteness, and the awesome designs you can create for kids.


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