Improvisation- Freedom To Be

I am heavily influenced by classical, jazz, bossa nova, hip hop, R&B as well anything in between. Mix it up and you got…how I improv on the piano and cello or even sing. A lot of times people will ask me to teach them how to improv, I have never learned formal music theory. My mom is a piano teacher, but after awhile I was pretty much on my own.

I played Chopin, Debussy, all those classical composers.  As I was growing up though, I listened to a lot of Japanese music including the likes of Utada Hikaru.  Moving several times exposed me to hip hop, rock, and at one point heavy metal.  Yes, I know.  I tried to listen to heavy metal and even liked it at one point.  Mix in my love for art- especially abstract and modern and you got an experimental vibe.

I think if I could, if chances allowed me to, given the right people…I would so want to get buckets of paint, strings, drums, singers, dancers and compose something great on a huge huge field of flower bed.  I can imagine the world shaking as we create, I think at that point my life would be fulfilled.

And I can enter eternity.

Some videos to give you an idea of the influence of music and art in my life and how it has transformed my artistic style.

More to come!


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