First Day Of Rebekka’s Chronicle Journey

So I have always wanted to do this- share my day by day journey with you, in photos, in hours (okay maybe not that specific), in writing.  I want to take you on the adventure with me, whatever that may be for the day. Almost like I’m putting you in my pocket, chiwawa. LOL.


Woke up at 7:30 am because my mom was being loud.


I took this after I finished dressing- I was supposed to post those pictures, but am having a hard time loading them (so next time).  Somehow, Kewpie’s head vaguely reminds me of something inappropriate. hahaha.  My eyes are so bloated here!

Left my house at 9:30 am to visit Tribe-  I had met Mike at Perspectives- awesome and convicting speaker by the way.

Had honestly never gone that far on the 101 N.  Usually I get off at Melrose or anywhere before Highland, not all the way til Vineland where Noho Arts District is.

Took these pictures while driving home- somehow after the rain, there was this amazing sky that captivated me, blues and clear whites.  Simply stunning.  Plus, the freeway was clearer than the red sea parted, NO TRAFFIC.  I’m not kidding, folks!  I felt like I was in this wonderful dream full of cotton candy, melting chocolate, and I was going full speed- considering the “maximum speed” was 55.  Please, who goes at 55 miles per hour on the freeway, especially when it is not congested like my nose usually is.

So while feeling the drive, I reached out for my camera and took some shots while driving…yes on the freeway.


Neato art type of deal on the  ground.  In conjunction with the beautiful sky and this random Ice truck that I caught mid Right Turn.





This photo reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine, the van they pushed and jumped on.  Seriously, that is one of my favorite movie!  The dad is hilarious, step 1 of success, step 2…”now son, you are not following the steps of success”, he tells his son only to be written back “I hate you”.  Just watch it, you’ll understand once you watch it!

dscf4707This is weird.  I don’t remember people standing on the side of the freeway, oh yes, I wasn’t looking when I took this picture…and many others that I aint posting cuz WordPress is giving me a hard time.   See how in- congested the freeway is?  It’s like heaven fell on Los Angeles.

Noon- ate with family

2 pm– Online, reading Perspectives articles, doing  homework

5 pm – took a bath to relieve from clubbing on Thursday (I know, seriously, how can anyone be still sore after 3 days?)  I think the electro music made me thrash and bang my head even more, causing pulling of neck muscles and erupting of veins.

6 pm– went to eat with family and friends for someone’s birthday.  Great sushi, sashimi, and ate way too much rice.  None of the workers spoke Japanese, I said “Sumimasen”… failed. Epic Fail.  Because they spoke back in Chinese.


8 pm– came home, confirmed appointments, started blogging, didn’t realize it would take so long.  I figured out that you have to press “enter” to type under, not on top of the pictures.

Reflection for the day- I wonder why my throat is still weird, like I’m sick AGAIN.  The sky was so beautiful today, reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine.  Thank God for the rain and sun.   I learned most importantly from Mike Brown that “every decision we make today determines who we become, or are becoming”.  DEEP.  “even if you don’t decide on anything, you have made a decision”.  DEEP.  So we complain this and that to God, why isn’t my life like this or that.  But then…each decision we make, we are creating who we are.  Yah, that’s right.  It’s creepy weird.  But so true.

Be anticipating for tomorrow’s Little Rebekka’s Adventure 🙂


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