Ear Infection Caused Me to Learn…to rest


This is where my mind is at…

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, I was unable to blog for the past 2 days as planned- ” We can make our plans,  but the Lord determines our steps” Proverbs 16:9.  In my all controlling, managerial personality, I had written a list of To Do’s for my Spring Break.  Just thinking about it made me stressed, come on it’s a SPRING BREAK.  It means, put on the brakes and rest, chill.

Well.  This is going to sound really stupid, but I got an ear infection.  Not from some mysterious reason or wind that entered to my ears and set forth an evil force of bacteria.  No.  It was because I was bored while waiting for my friend to pick me up, so I decided to pick at my ears.  Yes, gross, I now reflect and can’t but help thinking “What a stupid gal I am”.  The more I picked, the more wax there was,  the more grossed out and more I wanted to completely obliterate these gross inhabitants.  No.  I did not use any tools, I used my very own fingers.

Then I started to feel a headache, nauseous…in the car.  I felt really tired.  The night came and I had this evil evil fever that made me whammy my socks off.  Here are a few home remedies I found online:

1. First, avoid dairy products. They increase mucus production in the body & may exacerbate the pain & congestion, esp. in children bcz their eustachian tubes are shorter & more horizontal than an adult’s. Food allergies are implicated in middle ear infections.

2. hydrotherapy & large doses of buffered or esterized vitamin C in divided doses throughout the day. I’ve used 10,000mg in a day with excellent results (2,500 mg every 4 hours).  Also take Vitamin B.

3. saline solution

4. Finely chopped raw garlic mixed into a tsp of raw honey and washed down w/warm tea w/lemon 3x daily will also give the immune system a boost.  Drink ginger tea.

5. To cure an ear infection and pain of ear infection both for anyone of all ages, even infants, use garlic oil. Just break open a capsule and pour it in your ear. Lay down on the opposite side for a few minutess so it can drain in good. About 20 minutes later the pain should be gone and the ear will not bother you again, but it is good to do a second time after a few days just to be sure.  Or try Vinegar- drop into ear.

So after reviewing our home remedies…I am quite hesitant about trying the vinegar one.  It sounds scary.  I just ate a spoonful of garlic with honey.  I think I ate everything today, Vitamin C, Pseudo whatever the nose congestion thing, ewww the garlic leaves a horrible after taste.  I’m going to take a nap.

39The most beautiful place in China.  I have no idea where. But I want to go.


Yangzho, Zhejiang.  Either one of that is a province? I have no idea, but it’s there.  I want to go so bad.  So I asked my friend about going to China, the fun places and so on.  Sigh.  I want to go!  She said, “wouldn’t it be boring walking around by yourself”.  No I said.  No I would have a blast, it’ll be spending time with God, seriously.  I could learn so much going alone, meeting the native people, talking with them, traveling, finding spots that are hidden to foreigners…and simply soaking in new ideas and new epiphanies.

So anyways, after this ear infection heals.  No, I mean while this ear infection has me grounded at home, I’ll dream and learn in my dreams.


One thought on “Ear Infection Caused Me to Learn…to rest

  1. it is really one of the most beautiful place in the world,it not just having a nice site but when tou try to stare on it ,as if all of your memories will appear.This place for me maybe good to the tourist to visit…thats all thanks a lot…..

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