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God has been stirring up a people who will actually live for love.
As long as you allow others to define you, live for other peoples expectations…you will not be able to surrender to love. Love will captivate your heart and impart power.
When you know your identity and live out of it, not taking any bs, living from focused purpose, you will need nothing else because everything is within.


Looking for gifts or just good reads?

2 New books are on my shelf!


The I Factor by Van Moody is a book about building a great relationship with yourself. He talks about leaders and celebrities who got to high success but experienced downfalls due to their beliefs about who they are (aka identity). Van also talks about The Wilderness season of your life where God leads you to confront the personal issues that may become a stumbling block to success and happiness. I literally cried when I read the pages about the Wilderness because I have experienced the wilderness season for 5 plus years and have gone through intense healing with God. REALLY GOOD READ!

The second book is RED- Blooded American Male. When I opened the package I literally laughed out loud because hello who doesn’t love Arrested Development’s Will Arnett in fish nets? The book is filled with laugh out loud, beautiful and charming photographs by Robert Trachtenberg. The photographs serve to challenge conventional notions of masculinity and traditional male imagery. This is the perfect coffee table book.

The books were given to me for an honest review.

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Far Afield: Rare Food Encounters


Far Afield is a beautiful book full of rare food encounters from around the world. The authors are Shane Mitchell, a Saveur (to which I also subscribe) contributing editor and James Fisher, an Australian portrait photographer and film director based in London. With both their expertise and narrative, the book is filled with stunning photos from around the world, Japan to India to Hawaii. What makes the coffee table book intriguing is the array of adventures narrated by the authors. I felt like I was eating around the world with Shane and James. Take me next time!

This book was presented to me in exchange for an honest review.

Photographs from the Edge

61auxunoegl61jfzjuujl61mzlawlfdl61wnbxeymgl Photographs from the Edge is a master photographer’s insights on capturing an extraordinary world. I’ve been wanting to learn photography for a long time, but the Iphone has kind of taken over. After my phone got stolen in the Philippines, my renewed interest in photography took me to this book. The photos are just awe inspiring, capturing the beauty of what the earth is. Art Wolfe traverses the whole world, climbing mountains, going to parts of that no one knows about. The book is filled with stories and also technical ideas about how to capture the best picture. 5 out of 5 stars.

PS – the book was given to me to write an honest review.

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A Year of Romance & Zest – Asian Gypsy Is Going to Impossible Things This YEAR!

Photo shoot with Jessy Dodd

The other day I went on a crazy photo shoot day- I drove out to Costa Mesa, thank GOD NO TRAFFIC! Zoomed there in 40 minutes, got my makeup done- thanks to Roxanne Galan (amazing makeup artist and of course, will be my future makeup artist. People get on my good side now cuz I’ll be BIG someday, not just big in Japan, big everywhere). Had an hour photo shoot, then drove back to Silverlake to grab my cello, then met up with Jessy for another photo shoot at a cool looking church, then drove up the mountains to shoot there.

Probably the most tiring day of my week, but also invigorating.

Then I had this BIG awakening the other day. I’m almost 24, that was the year that I thought I should travel the world. It’s the perfect year of crossroads, freedom and identity. I finally have nothing, no obligations, no big responsibilities, no “family” (though my friends and fam will always be there)…so I had several ideas!

1. Travel the world as an Asian Gypsy- bring my jewelry to sell (see how far I can go…)

2. Bring no money, like, maybe 100 bucks, and see what happens.

3. Teach at camps


5. Go to Taiwan to finish the ending of my book (this will be a surprise)

6. DJ! Finally, hopefully. It’ll be great to tour………

The last months I learned to let go of identity based on my work, income, and to do list. I learned to live in the moment, be, and love people for who they are. I am learning to appreciate the good of people, and not focus on what they’re not doing right.


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“Tonight we are launching an effort which holds the promise of changing the course of human history”– Ronald Reagan

“If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad”– Denis Waitley


Pirouette Photography Shoots

Last Friday I got to shoot with Teresa Yu Fung, a friend of mine who has kicked off her freelance career as a photographer. We shot at Burbank around the shopping centers. It was really fun experimenting with poses, clothes, and angles.  Take a look at the preview shots. More to come!

*I made the skirt in the first photo. I’m also carrying Kewpie doll. 😉 By the way, did I mention how tiring modeling is? It is very tiring, I’m very impressed by professional models.

Credits: Photographed by Teresa Yu Fung. Wardrobe Styling by Rebekka Lien.