13 Days of Meditation- Day 10- 6 Ways To Solve Your Problems

Writing 13 days of meditation is not easy, 13 days has required more discipline than I expected. I skipped a few days and sporadicly started writing again. I am going to draw today’s blog. I find that the older I get, the more obsessive I get about figuring my life out and trying to SOLVE problems in my life.

Follow my drawing below…


1. Problem: I have issues, problems and don’t know how to deal!!!

2. What should I do?????? (we usually obsess about it and thus, end up with depression and mental health issues).


4. Draw. Run and exercise. Commune and discuss with friends, seek advice or simply talk to people. Create (music, art, poetry, literature, spoken word, etc). Explore (go somewhere completely new, take a new route to work, do something completely different, try something new, go to a new restaurant or cafe, make a point of meeting with friends you don’t usually hang out with).

5. Have faith everything will work out….



You think the problem is TOO big for you to solve, well, maybe sitting on your couch and thinking is not such a great problem solving technique. Try doing something different, your eyes might just open to new ideas…to do something completely NEW!

For example, you may be stressed out about paying bills- where can you cut corners, how can you create more income with multiple streams of revenue? You may be having trouble with finding the right person- maybe look somewhere you have never been, do something you don’t normally feel comfortable doing, perhaps a Zumba class? You may be pursuing a client, but they are not pouncing, perhaps focus on other clients and don’t stubbornly stick to one way of marketing yourself…..

The key is to CONTINUE innovating….seeking new methods….learning….NEVER STOP growing. You want to be creative in every capacity. Our human brain learns fast, if you stop learning you will have an old pattern, an old path of thinking. You want to create new paths constantly so your mind does not get stuck in a rut. 

Do not be so hard on yourself, enjoy life and shoot me an email or comment below if this has helped or if you need advice. rebekkalien@gmail.com




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13 Days of Meditation- Day 6- Your Life Is Lived From The Inside Out


Your Life Is Lived From The Inside Out

Somethings won’t change until you change on the inside. 

Until you forgive that one person you need to forgive, until you let go of an outcome that is actually limiting you.

Until you let go and let the universe. Until you relax a little bit.

Until you forgive yourself a little more, until you give yourself a break and let go of that pedestal you put yourself on.

Somethings just won’t change until your inner world changes.

Have faith and you will see the outer world change with the force that is unstoppable.

Lately, I have been convincing a friend to pursue his dreams. It seems almost impossible to help him make the next step. This friend seems to want to know what his life will look like after he takes that next step. He wants to know the day to day tasks that he has to complete in his newfound freedom, a new career. I am in awe of this.

And I find that most people do want to know everything, from what will happen next to what will happen in the next 10 years. We chart our lives as though we can predict it….but as much as we plan, we won’t be able to change our circumstances if we still live in a spirit of lack, a spirit of jealousy, a spirit of hate and bitterness. We must become aware that we carry these heavy spirits which stop us from moving forward in life.

We will achieve one thing after another without true happiness. 

We will still feel that gnawing emptiness.

We must seek something deeper, something more substantial, something we can’t buy, something spiritual.

Seek and you will find.

I am on this journey with you friend!

Your journey friend,


“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley