Munch, Munch, Stare, Stare, One of Those Days

The man wore a knit sweater, his two kids bugging him for some tacos.
Another lady, with pulled back pitch black hair, staring into space, eating a bowl of rice and a chicken salad. Another man with a blinged out snoop doggy jacket walked with his tray. Days like these, I can hear their thoughts. Munch, munch, stare, stare- what is my life worth and what is the meaning of life?
Munch, munch, stare, stare- wow, I’m bored, I’m zoned out, or what the hell am I doing with my life.

I can hear their thoughts loud and clear in my own mind.

Sometimes it’s just way too easy to give up. Especially when you’re thinking about getting food stamps and your business is growing exponentially slow. You have great relationships, but you still feel like you’re floating.

Munch, munch, stare, stare.

Such is the rhythm of life sometimes.

Of course, after some positive energy being exchanged by my ninja friend, I am starting to munch, munch, look look. I’m going to start putting positive quotes on my graffiti wall and write daily goals on it as well. I’m looking forward to this. 🙂 You should do it too!

Yesterday I slept for 11 hours, best time of my life.

Frozen Tree Leaf

The other day I awoke again and again to silent pictures, films of me passing by.

I long to speak, but voices bombard my every sense.

Walking in, music loud, dancing swift, center of attention.

So it is. Leaves are turning, orange and red. It is you that I have continued. So I count it but a calendar date.

I wish I could just hold onto a moment and never let it go. Unfortunately, leaves do turn colors. I was once cold hearted and the fiery of grace and love have taken ahold, counting me new. She laughs and dances. Nothing beyond my skin, that can deter me, just for now.

Just for now, I’ll bask in the limelight of blues, moons, and greens. St. Patrick’s day passed, Finals passed, spicy noodles passed, friends passed, it is again, though trite and true, the word bittersweet. I have changed, just as leaves frozen have thawed to cool greens. I have changed, just as seasons change. I have changed, just as we all age and grow.

Countless memories, each stored like jewels in my heart. In Taiwan, night market with the youth, eating galore non-stop. In Japan, crying to sadness of goodbyes at the airport, sitting next to the fire, forlorn. In Germany, dancing at a beer garten to DJ’s grooves with samba and salsa amigos. In Los Angeles, the sashay of prepping for a fashion show, nervous stomach, and the grandios entrance, climaxing and falling into sweet reminiscent dreams. In my heart, countless friends and countless tears worth storing into jars. Stories of pain, courage, battles, and ultimate victories. Though we live, I want each moment to mean.

Mean something for eternity. Just as, our hearts long for humanity, the simple breeze of meaning and true relationships.

So I thank my Lord once and again, though days may pass, what we have and will have will last for eternity.