Prophetic Word- Come Out Of The Belly Of The Fish


Come out of hiding and be vulnerable. You’ve been running away from me for too long, says the Lord.


“Jonah and the Whale,” oil by Herbert Mandel

“People are not listening to me anymore, they’re listening to the news.”- Jesus

“They’re running the other direction because it is safer in peoples’ eyes. 

Don’t be afraid to speak up and speak the truth”.

Why are you afraid of the storm when I have already calmed it.

Close the windows to fear and the news. 

I just wanted to share this prophetic word again-

Prophetic word/dream-
I had a dream I was at my old baptist church and someone put a urn on the altar. They were worshipping death and putting death on the throne!!!! I said “no! What are you doing???” There was no one opposing and I only found one friend who agreed with me.
I also saw my single friend taking off her pants which means control and responsibility and God showing me and others in the dream not to take responsibility for anyone.
You are valuable.
You are worthy of love.
I see people pointing fingers at you telling you you’re wrong. This is how I’ve felt recently people accusing me of going out. The Lord says to me “keep living in freedom. You’re not doing anything wrong. I have not given you a spirit of fear. Fear is not from me. Keep setting people free from the bondage of fear”.
He showed me lots of demons whispering lies in people’s’ minds and using them to accuse. It’s a spirit of accusation. People are dying because of the spirit of death and I see people huddled in their homes agreeing with death.
“Yes death is king” I hear people say in their minds. “The news is real” I hear people say.
I see people agreeing with what they see, as they agree with it, the spirit of death comes and has power over them. There are demons saying “you’re going to die if you don’t put on masks and gloves, the world is not safe, stay away from people”.
“Come our of agreement!!!!!! Says the Lord!!!”
I have not given you a spirit of death or fear but of sound mind! Come out of agreement! Start prophesying life and speak life! Use your authority!!!
Where the spirit is there is freedom!
Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and your family. The blood is king! The blood is king!
“People are not listening”- I
“It’s not your job to convince them, let me do the work, rest. I love you”- God
You don’t have to do anything out of fear.
God will never force you to do something out of fear, out of lack. He wants you to know that you are loved. You are my child. You are always enough in my eyes. Come feast on my love.
I love you says the Lord. I won’t force you to handle more than you want to. You are not a slave. You are not a captive, you are free.
Come feast on my joy. I give you a life of joy, not a life of obligation.
What are you doing out of obligation?
You are not responsible for peoples’ lives or emotions, let them go.
Oh and come feast on my joy.
It’s so good.
I only have consuming love for you.
You are not a slave, not an orphan but a child.
You are so loved.
I met another guy who was also Christian and he said his ex cheated on him.
Before I saw a Tesla and saw a man eating inside. I was afraid to talk to him but God told me to go back. I waved and said I was a Christian and god told me to talk to him. He turned out to be Christian too. I asked if he was scared of people because he was eating in his car and he said yes, the world is evil. He was scared and thus eating alone. I knew he was a lost sheep and tried to talk to him but he was in a hurry picking up food.
I managed to give him my website.
I could feel any fear of rejection breaking off.
You did no wrong in loving.
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