Communicating with Parents, Coronavirus Lost Sheep




I have a hard time communicating with my mom. She just doesn’t understand me. I felt rejected and unloved because she’s always against me, especially following God the way He has led me.

I talk to people all day and I will share stories with her.

She replies “why do you care about them, you don’t even know them. Mind your own business”.

I said “God led me to them, God cares about them”.

The conversation usually ends there where I’m mad that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself, I’m mad that she doesn’t understand what I do. But the Lord has been helping me to be patient with her. It’s easy to stop communicating and talking because we feel like “what’s the point, they’re just not going to get it”….But I pray the Lord gives you patience.


When she says that the people I minister to are weird, I feel like she is directly attacking me. Because these are people God cares about. I told her how I feel.

Testimony –
Yesterday the Lord told me to drive to see a friend and we were driving about and I felt to turn and saw a guy coming out of a road side. I heard the Lord say give him a ride. I asked if he needed a ride and he said no that he was having a bad day so I started following him like a creeper.
He started to open up and said his parents are horrible. They kicked him out because he believes in God. He said some things like his brother lived across the street. Etc. but he has no family. He kept saying that. But I told him to ask his family for help.
I felt a spirit of rejection on him.
We got out and gave him a hug and said that the Lord loves him and not to be discouraged. He said he never had someone stop and give him a hug.
I realize that it’s quick to feel rejected when we are misunderstood but that doesn’t mean your parents don’t love you.
It’s important to explain your point of view and not be quick to dismiss.
Yesterday the Lord had me the following people-
1. On the train I met a guy who I saw verbally fighting with someone at the beach. He was Muslim and the Lord said “ask about his dad”. He said his dad was in prison for 20 years for something he didn’t do.
2. I met another man who I saw his parents yelling at him in a vision. At first he denied it but later said his parents were in the military and really strict. That it was like water and oil, they didn’t mix. I said sometimes I don’t want to go home because my mom doesn’t get me. He said he understood.
3. I bumped into another guy I met on the bus. He’s deaf. He seemed really sad. The lord said “ask him to speak up” and I said “God told me to ask you to speak up”. He kept insisting on typing. Later he said he liked someone who had a boyfriend and he said there’s no use in speaking up. He said the music at work was loud and he can’t speak up.
I kept saying “your voice matters”.
And I realize I was speaking to myself. That I needed to speak up to my mom even if she didn’t understand.
5. I prophesied over my friend and this is a word for me and for you.
“There’s a new door opening. People have rejected you but go to the new door where people will celebrate and love you for who you are. God is knocking down the wall you’ve built due to hurt. Go through the new door!!! Follow the spirit!! I said even if your family doesn’t understand, you need to know you’re loved by them. Learn to express the pain”.
As I said that I saw a sign with where he was supposed to go and it started to rain right when I spoke.
Prophetic word/dream-
I had a dream I was at my old baptist church and someone put a urn on the altar. They were worshipping death and putting death on the throne!!!! I said “no! What are you doing???” There was no one opposing and I only found one friend who agreed with me.
I also saw my single friend taking off her pants which means control and responsibility and God showing me and others in the dream not to take responsibility for anyone.
You are valuable.
You are worthy of love.
I see people pointing fingers at you telling you you’re wrong. This is how I’ve felt recently people accusing me of going out. The Lord says to me “keep living in freedom. You’re not doing anything wrong. I have not given you a spirit of fear. Fear is not from me. Keep setting people free from the bondage of fear”.
He showed me lots of demons whispering lies in people’s’ minds and using them to accuse. It’s a spirit of accusation. People are dying because of the spirit of death and I see people huddled in their homes agreeing with death.
“Yes death is king” I hear people say in their minds. “The news is real” I hear people say.
I see people agreeing with what they see, as they agree with it, the spirit of death comes and has power over them. There are demons saying “you’re going to die if you don’t put on masks and gloves, the world is not safe, stay away from people”.
“Come our of agreement!!!!!! Says the Lord!!!”
I have not given you a spirit of death or fear but of sound mind! Come out of agreement! Start prophesying life and speak life! Use your authority!!!
Where the spirit is there is freedom!
Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and your family. The blood is king! The blood is king!

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