Do You Believe You Are Enough When The Lights Dim?

I’ve been on reality shows and tv shows, and though I wanted to be known, I realize there’s nothing like the peace of knowing you are enough now.

Because the lights will dim and the applause will stop as you lay back on your bed.

When you’re left to face the mirror.

Do you like you?

Do you feel like you are enough.

I met a girl who worked for a celebrity. She was lonely and depressed. A guy too, working always, never enough. Longing for acceptance.

I’ve been to the glitz and glam and their souls still cried out “I’m not enough”.

All the drugs, weed, gambling, sex, money, clothes, fame and popularity won’t suffice if you’re looking for your worth in something other than God.

Do you know who you are?

A child of God.

Redeemed by the most high Jesus, pure and blameless becoming sin for you.

So that you could be whole and without sin.

All the lights will dim.

They are just numbers.

As soon as encouragement comes, another criticism.

Something new, tomorrow old.

Even the friendships may dim and feelings grow cold.

But God will never leave you.

What’s a win, when I see someone turn to Jesus and stop looking for acceptance anywhere else.

If you’re going to perform, perform for expression not for desperation of approval.

God created the world.

He created because He was.

He didn’t create for our approval.

He created as an expression of who He was.

I pray today you’ll be able to create out of who you are, not for approval, validation, or even survival.

God created out of rest. He always had enough. He always was.



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