Everything Not Talked About At Church

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Dating Stories, Masturbation, Sex Talks – Everything Not Talked About At Church https://anchor.fm/rebekka-lien/episodes/Dating-Stories–Masturbation–Sex-Talks—Everything-Not-Talked-About-At-Church-e5gjn8

Wooooo juicy podcast. Today I answer the question “is masturbating a sin?”

Everything you don’t talk about at church. But from a Non-judgmental grace filled Christian.

Enjoy my fun dating stories (set up by God)….this guy asked me, if I can’t ask a person who is actively having sex about it, who can I ask? You right? Since I’m trying to wait until marriage too…but haven’t had sex for 2 years. But it’s hard to wait.

So I talk about how God changed me through showing me my true identity.


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