Breaking Off False Responsibility and Guilt

Prophetic word- Into The New – breaking off false responsibility and guilt.

There is false resistance trying to get your attention with what God wants for your life right now, false responsibility. Lately I felt like I “should” spend time with my mom but as soon as I obeyed and went on the Uber ride I realize there was a voice of obligation telling me to stay home. I had a super deep talk with the Uber driver who was also Christian and we prayed for each other.

The voice of obligation sounds like this-

1. Maybe I’ll miss out on something if I don’t spend time with ________.

2. I’m being a bad friend, daughter, mom, father, minister if I don’t do this __________.

3. I’m probably trying to escape responsibility and I “should” do this _____.

4. I’m being unloving if I don’t do this _____.

These are all voices of the spirit of condemnation and guilt. When you live from grace you do things out of desire not guilt.

One reason that I realized I was living in false guilt is I wanted to make a podcast and when I did I felt so happy, but when I went back into the house my mom has this look like “why are you neglecting me?”

I realize I was trying to cater to her needs and other peoples’ needs that I neglected my own desires and needs. I was so distracted from what I actually wanted to do.

Remember what people feel has nothing to do with you.

No one can make you feel a certain way unless you give them permission to do so.

Repeat out loud-

I am not responsible for ___________ (list the names).

I am responsible for my own happiness as I am worthy of happiness. God’s grace is more than enough for me.

I cannot blame anyone for not pursuing what it is I want to do!

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