God Is A Good Father

I didn’t grow up with my father, he was emotionally and physically absent.

Somehow it was easier to become close to Heavenly Father because my father was absent. God comforted me through my first painful breakup. He was there when times got tough. He was there when I needed comfort. He was always there for me.

But I also found it hard to trust God at times when I experienced pain. I started hearing and sensing God when I was a child. Then when I was 12 I accepted Jesus into my heart. Some of life’s hurdles makes us question whether God is truly good.

I could hear Him then. It wasn’t a big booming voice but a voice from within my mind. I was always very sensitive to noise growing up. Because God had attuned my ears to Him everything else was loud and obnoxious.

I find silence absolutely delightful.

A lot of my friends have dysfunctional or absent fathers. Similar to me, they had to fend for themselves financially growing up and there is usually an insecurity about provision or an insecurity about being loved for who they are. What happens is codependent friendships.

What God has taught me is that friendships aren’t for every season as there are seasons that God needs you to trust Him alone, not the people in your life.

This season God is calling us forward to not rely so much on what we’ve seen but to go again stepping on water.

Satan loves to deceive believers into thinking God is mean.

God is a good father, His heart is to bless you. He has no judgement against you as Jesus has already taken the judgement on His being.

You are free from judgement!

You are free indeed!

If He is a good father- then that means He is excited to reveal big plans for you, He has the best plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

He is proud of you. He will never leave nor forsake you!

Do you believe He is a good father??

Do you believe He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you?

Say yes to God today!

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