The Resurrected Christ Is Enough For You

As a pioneer, I come into many objections and accusations about what I’m doing.

But as I hear them, I hear Jesus say “you are enough”.

Many people rely on a church or organizations but as a pioneer, you live by and through the spirit and it is Christ alone that empowers you. The old ways of living does not work anymore.

God is calling us to leap and you may not have all the finances you want, the people to support you, the emotional support you want and need but in those times God is asking His people to look to Him and not to what they think they need to do what they’re called to do.

Many people who are called are currently living in a safety net built by human hands, they think an organization, a job, a relationship will give them the safety they need.

They think friends will give them the safety they need but I hear God say “I am all that you need”.