Prophetic Word- Everything Must Go


I felt like I needed to write, as you know I often write in the middle of the night. Sometimes God wakes me up in the middle of the night after a dream and sometimes I just can’t sleep to begin with…but it’s in the silence of the night that I can do my best writing. AND there’s actually a computer where I am staying.

The last week have been FULL of divine encounters with people that God told me to pray for. Sometimes I DID not want to do it because it was 5:30am in the morning. Like seriously? But then I obeyed because I don’t know, Jesus loves me and He loves people.

Sometimes I was just met with pleasantly open people who actually appreciated that I prayed for them. And when I pray for people I know demons will no longer torment them and they’ll suddenly have the hand of God on them (even if they are not christians). I got to pray for one girl and I actually put my hand on her stomach to heal her stomachache.

But then after 8 days of sleeping in a small hostel bed, that basically was a little bigger than a coffin, I started to get exhausted.

My vision started blurring and in the midst of loving people, I suddenly forgot to be loved by God. I started to feel like the older son in the Bible. Where is my reward? But then after getting to Daegu, God reminded me “you need to take care of your heart”. No one else will take care of it, you must first and foremost take care of  your heart….to process every and all emotions. 

He reminded me that I am saved by grace and not works and that there is a fine line for ministers, prophets, pastors and ministers….to continue to allow God to love them in the midst of loving others. 

EVERYTHING in our life requires a process and that leads me to this prophetic word…

YOU ARE in a process. It’s called sanctification. As wikipedia says “To sanctify is to literally “set apart for particular use in a special purpose or work and to make holy or sacred.” When you are saved by Jesus’ finished work on the cross, you are given a free pass to heaven. You also inherit everything Jesus already paid for- health, prosperity, sanity, peace, joy….etc.

SO you becoming like Christ is a process. You actually aren’t automatically like Christ when you are saved. The holy spirit fills you and then starts doing work in you.

The holy spirit starts tossing out everything that is not of God.

Pride, jealousy, idolatry, small-mindedness, self-hatred, greed, lust….it’s going out.

He starts making your heart whole, He starts digging deep into old forgotten wounds that you don’t even know about. I mean when God healed my heart I was like “wait what I still have THAT WOUND?”

You know what- it’s painful as hell.

That breakup that you didn’t get over? You’ll have to face the pain again.

The way your mother judged you or overlooked you when you were young, it’s coming out.

The feeling of being less than, it’s coming out.

That domestic abuse, that sexual abuse, that harassment, it’s coming out.

Shame is coming out.

To the point that you will no longer feel shame regarding your past.

Holy Spirit has a powerful way of healing your brokenness.

But God is a gentleman, so He will not force you to heal if you don’t want to.

And that’s where it’s painful…

Every time I know change is happening, I have to feel it. I have to feel every inch of that discomfort. Transition is not fun. I hate it, but I know it’s necessary. I’m like okay God here goes, and then I cry….a lot. Sometimes I weep, and then I’m like “God I can’t take this anymore”. But then I suddenly jump to the other side.

And I’m like oh, there’s peace, there’s freedom, there’s room to breathe….

When we are becoming more like Christ, He needs to dig up and toss EVERYTHING that is not of Him. Sometimes because of generations past, we will have attachments to lack, insecurity, unhealed wounds, etc..

Our fears and wounds prevent us from truly wielding the power of the Spirit.

Because God does not have offenses, God does not have fears, God does not fear rejection…

Because of our fear of lack, we will stop ourselves from going forward when the provision is actually a step ahead of you.

Because of our inability to see God as our husband, we will rather settle for a guy that is half the man God has intended for us instead of waiting for the one God has for us.

There are many more examples but the prophetic word is, everything must go.

You cannot afford to be bond anymore. You cannot afford to be a slave to fear. You cannot afford to blame others anymore. We are entering a time and season where the earth and the world is going through a renewal. Heaven on earth for some, but it will be hell on earth for others.

Everything will be shaken, everything that is not built on the stable rock of Christ Jesus will sink into sand. Those 100k followers on social media will disappear and turn against you if your stability is not Jesus. That boyfriend or girlfriend will fade away if not built on Jesus. Your career built on solely attaining money and reputation will sink. Your marriage if not built on Jesus will explode.

Human effort will sink.

Only God and His grace will stand. 

Everything that is not of God must go.

So if you are thinking, oh my God – WHY ARE YOU TAKING THINGS AWAY FROM ME? Why aren’t you giving me what I want?

Then you’re not seeing this right.

Losing that job was a blessing because you did not see yourself as a son and daughter of God….you needed a title to feel worthy but in Christ’s eyes, you are worthy, with or without a job.

Losing that boyfriend was a blessing because first, he was destroying you more than he was helping you and you didn’t base your worth on Christ but how your boyfriend made you feel- which is fleeting at best.

The provision is delayed and that’s a blessing because what God wants to do will not be by your effort but by HIS spirit.

He wants you to have a testimony to tell.

Because I promise you THIS- the world will see when God works in your life, and they will know God exists. 

But first, everything must go. Everything that you tried to build on your own, in your own efforts, in your own insecurity and feelings of lack….it must go…

Because when all is done, you are a walking Jesus on this earth, filled with love and fearlessness. That is when nothing is impossible because you’re filled only with His spirit and nothing else.