My Plastic Bag Became Someone’s Shoe

Today my plastic bag became someone’s shoe.
As I sat in the train, I heard a girl scream “oh damn I lost my shoe”. Her sandal had dropped into the train tracks as the door slammed shut.

I looked at my bag, I had a Ross bag holding my snacks. I could give this to her I thought. No, that’s pathetic, she wouldn’t use it. After a few minutes I decided to ask her “do you want to use a plastic bag?”

“Yes!!!” She was ecstatic.

“That was exactly what I was going to use…I was in such a rush I lost my shoe. I should have just waited for the next train”.

Me- “I understand the feeling. I was feeling rushed too and wanted to get home, but we just need to slow down haha”.

She took the bag and enveloped her left foot, tying a knot around her ankles. She could put her foot down now, even if the floor was dirty. She was safe.

I thought about why I didn’t just offer right away and I realize we don’t offer help because we fear rejection. Even if our help is needed, sometimes people reject help due to pride.

What’s your name? She asked. Rebekka.
She came over and gave me a firm hug. Thank you.

As the doors opened again, I called out “bye Danielle, take it slow”.

She laughed, “you’re right!”

Just minutes before I was feeling rushed too, I just wanted to get home, I suppose I wanted to feel the comfort of familiarity. But then I heard God say, “I’m here, you’re safe, you’re home”.

What if we remember to take home wherever we go.

Your plastic bag can become someone’s shoe, don’t forget to look around and see how you can connect.

You may be the answer to someone’s problem. Or vice versa.