150, no 50, you buy so I have good luck – she said. 

I said you have good luck already. She said no I don’t have good luck. 

Then I went to another stall and many men and women started throwing themselves at me. Desperation for sales, for profit, to make a living. 

I could feel bad and get something just to throw off the pushy salespeople. 

Or I can say no to this energy of lack.

This energy of blame. 

This energy of I don’t have luck so you must buy something to incure good luck. 

I see it everywhere, energies of striving, of pushing and pulling, of feeling like time is running out..of blaming, of self righteousness…of blaming donald trump for their own personal issues. 

Being requires no one to blame. 

Being needs no defense. Being doesn’t need to defend. It is. I am. 



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