When you get hit on

yes I get hit on a lot, even when I’m seriously happy to be alone. 

For example when I’m eating alone, people will come up to me and invite me to eat with them. 

Today I got hit on by a pack of grown males, yes I did join them. Why not? What’s traveling about. All of them kept saying “this is divine encounter” and I agree, but as much as they said don’t worry we are all friends, one of the guy kept trying to touch my arm.

Shit gets real. 

I moved my chair so he couldn’t touch my arm. Around 9pm the guys asked me to pick one guy to take a walk with. I thought “none”.

I ended up talking with this married men who told me he was pressured with family. Raising a family; having to support not only his wife but his family, his wife’s family, etc. 

I told him that I didn’t see my dad for 10 years because pressure got real but I suggested he seriously express his emotions with his wife. In his drunken state he asked me to join him in his room. I said “you can escape a relationship, but you can’t escape yourself”. 

So yes these are circumstances I encounter on my journeys. What is being a wise woman? 

So yah, traveling is mostly about helping people…

And shit really gets real.

So I left and walked up a mountain, staring at the abyss, I said God I’m fed up, I love you, but I’m tired. 

I’ve cried a lot today. 

Then I walked up this hill full of brothels. I knew because there were lots of Vietnamese women sitting inside with neon pink lights. 

And still I felt love for the prostitute, the johns and even pimps. 



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