The great revelation 

we must change ourself to change our circumstances

Now, you say the world is against you, people are belittling you and so on. I say you are belittling your own powers.

This revelation came from my broken bed. First I had troubles getting money from people who needed to pay up, then I threw up shards of food, then my bed broke and I thought “why!!?” This is not fair; why me.

Oh then self pity. Then why did I lose my friends. Oh weepy. 

Then god divine knowledge pouring forth non stop. 

Will I choose to let love reign? 

Or will I let ego reign? 

Do I need anything apart from myself and god? 


I no longer needed, wanted. 

I had it all.

Jesus asked the lame – do you want to get well? He meant “do you want to go through the painful transformation of letting go of ego and self pity to become well?”

Release. Release.

What is it you need to release because dear child, everyone and everything around you is simply a reflection of what needs to be changed within you.

Does someone hate you? Maybe you hate yourself. Choose to love yourself.

Does someone owe you money? Maybe you don’t think you’re worthy, choose to be worthy from within and all will be released in perfect time. 

I noticed that day one I was creeped out by an old man in the hostel and now, he no longer bothers me. I was creeped out because he represented my fear of loneliness> what if I was 85 and with no one to love? 

Now that’s a lie. Because whether I’m alone or with someone I am love.

So who in your life represents your fears, joys, love? 

Because you have to be responsible for you. Not anyone else. 


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