I Rode An Elephant 

  Ok don’t kill me, I know it’s not ethically sound…but I can’t fork out 4,000 baht the type of ethical tour that those girls who travel recommend. Plus I had the time of my life river rafting, apparently the sanctuary tour was not so great according to the other Americans.

I rode on its back with a rope to hold onto. Now my crotch hurts. 

I joined a group, two Chinese women and their kids. The lady kept forcing her 3 year old child to eat the whole plate of pad Thai and I just had the worse flashbacks of sitting at the table until I was done eating…this usually took an hour while my mom took a nap.

She also kept saying “hurry!!!”

Geez lady you’re on a fucking vacation, chill the fuck out.

This 3 year old I hope will not be forced into a striving lifestyle….it took me years to break out of. Now I live in grace and ease…or try anyway to receive the plentitude of rest the divine has for me.

I had to step away from this aura. 

I’ve made many acquaintances here and am getting to know the locals here, but no one who thinks on my level of depth…I am grateful for my friends. 


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