Interview With Oprah 


Lights dim. 

O- now tell me, you said Thailand was your absolutely turning point? 

R- yes, Oprah, I had been self employed for 4 years and gosh, it was tough. I had to rely on God the whole way. I moved 3-4 times on top of the billionth times I’ve moved in my life. Didn’t see my dad for 10 years. I did not have support from my family, I started a few business ventures but was constantly jumping off the cliff into absolute risk. But I had faith. It was a financial struggle, it was a faith journey, it was becoming whole on the inside. 

I left everything. I sold my furniture, my apartment. I found what I wanted to live for and it wasn’t the accumulation of stuff. I wanted to live for love, for peoples’ healing and God had always been the perfect friend…I could go anywhere because I no longer needed peoples’ approval, acceptance. Neither did I care about status or fame. 

For me, it’s the instant when you tell your story and people say “wow I’m not the only one. Now I have courage to heal and live my dreams”. That’s what I live for. 

O- wow. 

R- I remember writing a blog post about our interview in 2015. 

O- yes so is it kind of like law of attraction? 

R- yes. You see it’s visualization but people don’t understand that when you imagine, you have created. There is no mistake about it. Our minds create our life. 

O- we will come back to talk after the commercial. 



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