The Secret To True Success


I’m writing this on my iPhone folks! I wanted to share my secret to success, knowing myself and having the type of maturity at this young age of 26. Many older folks ask me how, how do I know so much. How did I know to quit a job I hated, how.

One big secret that really isn’t that sacred is- solitude.

Yep. Every year I take at least 3 self retreats. Some of these retreats are only an hour from my home in pasadena, some are 15 hours away by flight. I spent 3 nights in big bear when it was blazing hot and off season for the skiresorts.

The world has many messages to send us. Facebook is loaded with complaints and ads. People need us, want us. Especially if you’ve managed to build a few businesses, even more right?

The secret isn’t to make yourself available to everyone.  The secret is to hide yourself for a few days, even if no one knows it. This secrecy helps you to guard your personal space and life.  It also helps you to redefine and find who you really are, what you really want out of life.

Sometimes we get so caught up with our previous goal, we forget that our goals may have changed and we may have based our goals on what others wanted for us.

It took me a month to clear my head from voices- friends, family, media, facebook. And suddenly while lying in bed, sick with tontilitus, I let go of everything. It didn’t matter anymore what people thought of me. All I had was myself and a divine peace.

I had to live for myself, for what makes me feel alive.

I have decided.

I want to be a rock star.

I’m going to dance and sing on stage. Because when I’m fully expressing myself, that’s when my head completely clears of the stupid ugly self-criticizing voice. That’s when everyone else fades and I am completely in the now.

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