You Are Invited! September 6 in Los Angeles!


Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Intensive Transformation Seminar 

When: September 6, 2014 Saturday (3-6pm)

Where: Los Angeles- to be announced

Questions: Email me at


If you can change your mind, you can most definitely and absolutely do anything you set your mind to. Your mindset is everything. I’m here to teach you what I’ve learned to manifest the life I want, freedom from worrying about what people thought, working virtually, waking up when I want to, setting my own rules in life and creating a revolution manifesting love and prosperity in every area of my life.

I came from a very broken home, didn’t see my dad for 10 years, I was home alone at the age of 5, I killed bees by myself, I started working when I was 8 (because I was entrepreneurial), life could’ve messed me up but I disciplined my mind to think positive thoughts and to believe that I could create something beautiful out of my life.

I gained momentum as I forged a life worth living. After journaling, I knew I needed to share how I was able to find peace in life, find my identity and live a life free from societal expectations. Not only that, I have learned how to THRIVE. It’s not magic, but it definitely takes focus and discipline.

I’m sharing with you the master secrets that are actually really simple! Once you perfect the art of thought, you will change your life forever (in every aspect of your life including relationship, finance, career, community, and more).

Value of only $89!
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The number 8 was chosen because it means NEW BEGINNING, NEW ORDER and the number 9 symbolizes divine completeness. When you register for this event, you are going to enter into a new beginning and completion in you life. There are going to be dramatic shifts in your heart and mind that is going to catapult you into your full destiny.
To purchase my COMPLETE GUIDE TO SELF-EMPLOYMENT, please click here:

Rebekka Lien

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