I Am Amazed By How People Give Up On Their Dreams

ebook 1

I am truly amazed by how easy it is for people to give up on their dreams.

Simple fears, big fears, no matter what…fears seem to stop people from moving forward. These fears stop people from moving forward for a day, a month, a year, several years and in actuality, they are slowly digressing without knowing it. Every time I suggest a new idea for growth, my family member would have a opposing “but how are you going to do that? but doesn’t that cost a lot of money?”. Now I realize there is no point in talking about it, let me just show you how I do it and how I continue to achieve my dreams through my new ebook. You can easily purchase through paypal and download immediately. 

I wrote this manual to ENTREPRENEURSHIP, How To Make Money Doing What You Love, guide to self-employment in answer to all the people that have been asking me about HOW did I do it? 

To be honest, I am amazed by how even after I put out a complete guide to how I did it and exercises in which people could complete, people still have excuses to not buy it. Look, I can’t give you a miracle pill in which you’ll become invincible. Everyone has fears, you just have to jump, you have to read and do the exercises. It’s not a lottery friends. 

You can’t get something for free….I mean, you can, but eventually you’ll see that YOU are worth investing in. You are the only investment that continues to return! As you invest in yourself, you will grow exponentially. 

The quicker you invest in yourself (wisely) through educational tools and training, outsource and hire people for your business, outsource work that you are not good at….you would be surprised how much faster you are able to make more income. 

I’ve told this story many times, but I quit my full time job at the peak of recession. I started by selling jewelry, clothes and moving onto teaching my talents and skills (including cello, piano, mandarin, english), I started a life coaching business and decided that speaking to groups was easier…then I got my real estate license and now I have a ebook out. To be honest, you won’t really understand until you read what I had to go through, this is the short, to the point version.

If you’re wondering how you can manifest more money in your life, through what you already know and have, this is a great tool. In fact, I promise you that after you read it, complete the exercises, I guarantee you that you will have courage to start your own business, as small as it may be, but you will finally start and manifest more money. 

I am SO confident that my story and this manual will help you so much, I am willing to give you money back if you are not satisfied. Just email me at Lienrebekka@gmail.com and I’ll refund your money via paypal.


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