How To Make Money Doing What You Love


Do you ever wonder how entrepreneurs manage to survive and thrive without a full time job? Do you want to BYOB? Want to start your own business, but need some guidance and practical steps? Maybe you are an artist, business person, actor, professional, therapist, or whatever it is, you can THRIVE doing what you love!

Learn how I quit my job, started my businesses organically and created a lifestyle and businesses suitable to my vision, mission and passions!

It’s time to shine my friend.
You can make money doing what you love. Just take a step of faith!

I will help you:
1. Discover your hidden passions, skills and talents
2. Give you practical strategies to monetize your products and services
3. Make money!!!
4. Overcome money, failure and any kind of fears.

You will learn:
1. What I did to grow several businesses bootstrap style and without initial startup $
2. How to start making money doing what you love
3. Practical advice to managing an entrepreneurial lifestyle
4. How to keep going when times get tough & KEYS to a thriving YOU!

$85 EARLY BIRD RATE! (UNTIL July 28, 2014)-
No fees-
$99 Regular Rate

Cash/Check Email-

2. Hard Cover Manifest Your Dreams Book (worth $25)
3. 2.5 hours of AMAZING content and how to’s which will make you thousands of dollars when put into practice!

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