What Leaders Have To Go Through


1. Refinement– through fire. Yes, through fire. You will have to walk through valleys and shadows others fear to walk through. You must be fearless because who you lead- they look to you. What do you do when dragons of life attack you with fiery flames!? Do you back down, or do you stand firm?

2. Judgement– Another type of refinement, you will get lots of criticisms and judgements. I got criticized by family, friends, strangers, co-workers. I still get misunderstood, but do I care? No, because I have a vision and I have refined the vision for the last 20 years through my life and experiences. If you can’t take one hit, you can’t continue being a leader. A leader is someone who stands in public and gets bananas thrown at them, but they keep walking with dignity. You must be a fearless lion. You might feel alone sometimes, but people with similar vision will fill that void.

3. GrowthSomeone who is not growing is actually dying. Leaders go through burn out because they are not growing. You only have a certain amount of knowledge and wisdom, you must keep learning from other leaders. Don’t be too proud to keep learning! You must not just grow in finance or income, you must grow emotionally, spiritually, etc…as well! 



4 thoughts on “What Leaders Have To Go Through

  1. What I liked: “…you must keep learning from other leaders. Don’t be too proud to keep learning!”

    Very true. Which is why we encourage, guide, and inspire each other! 🙂

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