Love is about respecting a human being, whether red, white, yellow, black, brown, or purple.

Love is about respecting them even if they done lots of wrong in the past, treat you bad, or even if they look ugly.

Love is seeing human life as precious, each person unique and special.

Love is about forgiving them even if they still don’t give a damn.

Love is setting boundaries and allowing yourself to be in environments that offer encouragement.

Love is also loving yourself and not letting others step on you.

Love is allowing another person to be fully them, and encouraging them towards their goals, not yours for them.

Love is taking a risk at times, allowing yourself to be hurt.

Love is loving those that are vastly, widely, extremely different from you, in idea, in perspective, in actions, in looks, in lifestyle, in beliefs, in dress, in finance, in habits, in hobbies.



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