Bees on a Winter Day

your lips annoy me

they are like bees on a winter day

stinging, cold, your lips say words that I cant understand

it annoys me so

I want to punch you out, bloody and cold, on a gray day

Clouds spinning, so that you will remember my hate

So cold, freezing my intenstines, even the blood within my womb

Yes, I stand, keep walking I say. Your lips annoy me

So stop speaking.

Sappy love stories are for fools, they don’t exist within my world where

People say things that they don’t mean, cheat on you with the next door neighbor

In my world, sappy love stories are for fools alone

Hearty Fool

Hearty fool, like babies, crushed and seamless

Carrying drugs to hibernate, yes, hatred. The more I try, the more I fail.

Its this never ending cycle, sometimes the hand of god touches my being

And so long, I see heaven, hills and rocks, this cold heart, like a crystal

Shining every color, I could not see, iridescent

Why cant people just be bitter and honest?

Those fake smiles, are like nightmares on elm street, haunting me in REM stages.

Your eyes confuse me.

Where are you looking, that soldier running away, being eaten by noah.

Eaten by the ocean, swallowing you alive.

Your eyes confuse me.

If you cant do anything for me, please do me a favor and close the door.

Walk 20 miles up the hill and never come down.

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