A Year of Promise

2010 was pretty awesome- some highlights and now I think about it, wow, I went through a lot.

  • Graduating from college- FIDM in June
  • A week later going to China, then Taiwan, then Hong Kong
  • Arriving back to LA and then finding a job within the 2 weeks I was back

The one thing I know that has impacted me most, every year really are the people I meet. People are so complex, intricate, full of depth and unexplainable wonder. Serious, I can’t say that enough. People intrigue me.

Some of my awesome friends. Thank you for always being there for me!

This year I finally got to go to Santa Cruz. YAY.

More highlights-

  • Climbing the Great Wall, night markets in Taiwan
  • Beach in Kaoshiung, Dancy and seeing Peter again
  • Climbing Alishan mountain and seeing the sunrise
  • The great things I learned with Devon, having a broken car and driving it down a street/overheating
  • Dancing with Clare, Shaina, Maggie, Jessie, Tu
  • In Santa Cruz when that old korean manager told me to shut up  and I said shut up back
  • 10-11 days of rain in Los Angeles
  • Going to the showrooms in Hong Kong and eating foodie, seeing the fashion business in Asia
  • Living alone for a few weeks in Taipei
  • Riding my bike through the traffic of crazy Beijing and eating the spicy foods on a stick
  • Getting connected to Faces Behind Labels- helping migrant workers in China

Yang min shan mountain in Taipei.

And a great way to end the year, house party and dancing to electro/house.

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